Spring drawings 2014 and the return to blogging!

Okay, I should first apologise for my mass absence from blogging, if anyone is still reading my many past ramblings that is…So the thing is, since my last visit on here much has changed, I had a spate of unemployment which funny enough was great on the creation front of things, but not so much on the wealth. And now live in the opposite of this, with money and a job, but no proper time for creativity and blogging, and real time has to be used wisely and has to be well organised in advance.

I created a few designs in my stage of unemployment that were of a new level and technique, it was more a stage of exploration as a designer of where to head next and to test capabilities, so thought that it is only right to show some of the stuff that is in need of dusting off and showing to you, my loyal followers and readers, this is for you, and in the coming days/weeks more shall be shown bit by bit.

Echosmith Gentleman #1

These  piece consist of my experimentations of building design upon photographs, and putting my own unique style and spin on a more unusual subject. It meant going out of my comfort zone, but getting back to my design roots really inspired me, but still maintaining my stylistic twist.

Echosmith Lady

I began exploring a world of colour that would run throughout both this set of work and flow into future workings, connecting all my work together as one, allowing more people to recognise my style and the work to be mine.

Echosmith Gentleman

I wanted a level of symmetry, thus the use of shape and banners throughout the 3 individuals, as well as a hint of my character approach, the blanking out of eyes, as secretly I can’t master the correct shading and depth of an eye, but can draw hands all day long, loving the mechanics and pose they can offer. Slight tangent but fairly relevant within my summarising, this post leads onto the next level of technique and self progression, with myself playing more on the basis of surroundings, and posture of characters, characters that have evolved greatly from the early  days, some of which were shown almost an age ago upon here and are ever so dated now….so unttil next time, stay tuned folks


Day #2 – Ian Fleming

The Ian Fleming Posters, capture a glimpse of what made the bond films, the world famous ladies of the generations that have passed by, and put them into a position that will ensure that we remember the components that created the success. Each woman depicts a different time, fashion and era that the film is based around, no real dates or information are needed, just these nostalgic eye catching prints. Its not all about the imagery either, the way they’ve been thought about on a whole is down to detail, the individual posters have unique types for each variation, it keeps them fresh, attractive and most defiantly appealing on a whole, whoever the audience may be. You will instantly be drawn in, scanning over everything and each time picking up a whole new component that wasn’t noticed before, they just have so much depth about them. They caught my eye when first discovered, and as a result opened me up to a new level of design, something like these posters i’d like to produce, a series would work best as here, they’d look random and pointless if only one of the posters was to be produced. The creator however had given thought to making a set, something that one day will stand as iconic, a lasting legacy as the films are and deserve to. Such a legacy I strive for and look towards achieving through such blogging and researchings of things that intrigue me and reflect myself.

The Ian Fleming posters led me onto such designs as what I found here, where the type has created the image, and brings the life to it making it what it is without anything else keeping everything simple but to the point. Tomorrows post will pick up on these finds of mine and will snowball from there each day!

The Beatles...Strawberry fields forever    Oscar Wilson – Visit London WimbledonGrungy poster with amazing use of perspective and typography