“Manchester Print Fair 2013” Pirate_fly stall


Over the last few weeks that have passed by in the name of Pirate fly prints I’ve been none stop screenprinting and character creating to get everything ready for the big day that’s been looming since the day of purchasing my stall.  Its only been the last few days that I’ve actually removed myself away from the print bench and never ending applying of colours to various prints that I hope to sell and promote myself with.



As can be seen within the photo’s on display, you can witness the sheer variation that’s on offer ranging from A6 cards featuring the ever liked Monsters with Moustaches, to coaster sized cards of the recent creation of a favourite of mine “yokel” and his partner in crime “Kid Cactus”. Both appearing as a joint venture on the new character front that shall soon be seen featuring in the emergence of new gig posters throughout the year! Adopting a style of my own that has grown from influences such as “Army of Cats” Graham Pilling, Drew Millward, Fairey and Olly Moss.



Tomorrow I shall be setting off with everything packed ready in their own individual bundles and packages ready to be transported all of nearly a hour and a half away, far from the countryside scenes to the design centre that I hope to emerge into, fingers crossed from tomorrows possible connections, new contacts and passing around of details. It should be in hindsight a great success, it would be nice as a student to make some profit off it all, but that isn’t my priotrity, I just want some sort of recognition, mingle and get my foot in amongst creatives like myself, which is hard in my current area!


Tags have been pre made in preparation for the venture, varying between prices (which are just and slightly undervalued as told) friendly help yourselves and promotion for up coming screenprints up for purchase in the coming weeks. Also upon each poster, mini print and card are my email and name for people to keep a note of who I am and also receive a miniature “Kid Cactus” card with Facebook page details added. Upon the table wwill be details for people to get hold of me using the power of social media!



So come along to Manchester tomorrow, find me at my stall and check out my work, even make a purchase if something is to catch your eye! If not, then don’t worry, stay vigilant and watch this blog for follow up posts including that of my setting up of the stall, display, the day itself and works, so enjoi.


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