Day #2 – Ian Fleming

The Ian Fleming Posters, capture a glimpse of what made the bond films, the world famous ladies of the generations that have passed by, and put them into a position that will ensure that we remember the components that created the success. Each woman depicts a different time, fashion and era that the film is based around, no real dates or information are needed, just these nostalgic eye catching prints. Its not all about the imagery either, the way they’ve been thought about on a whole is down to detail, the individual posters have unique types for each variation, it keeps them fresh, attractive and most defiantly appealing on a whole, whoever the audience may be. You will instantly be drawn in, scanning over everything and each time picking up a whole new component that wasn’t noticed before, they just have so much depth about them. They caught my eye when first discovered, and as a result opened me up to a new level of design, something like these posters i’d like to produce, a series would work best as here, they’d look random and pointless if only one of the posters was to be produced. The creator however had given thought to making a set, something that one day will stand as iconic, a lasting legacy as the films are and deserve to. Such a legacy I strive for and look towards achieving through such blogging and researchings of things that intrigue me and reflect myself.

The Ian Fleming posters led me onto such designs as what I found here, where the type has created the image, and brings the life to it making it what it is without anything else keeping everything simple but to the point. Tomorrows post will pick up on these finds of mine and will snowball from there each day!

The Beatles...Strawberry fields forever    Oscar Wilson – Visit London WimbledonGrungy poster with amazing use of perspective and typography


Day #1, And so it Begins…

Its time to finally dust off the old blog, and begin a new chapter so it seems, and here I am making a start on a new blog, soon to be packed with all that inspires me and becoming a research blog with which I can further my studies. It will be a hub for everything that grabs my attention and makes me strive to create something of equal greatness someday, so keep your eyes peeled over the coming months and bare witness to what really makes me tick and push me in my career as a graphic designer.

Its only fitting to publish a piece that will begin my research quest and here we go,

#alternative #movie #poster "Diamonds are Forever"  #alternative #movie #poster "Quantum of Solace"#alternative #movie #poster "Moon Raker##alternative #movie #poster "Live & Let Die"

Iconic movie posters created for the decades of bond films that have starred on our screens and will remain as classics, with which I will go into greater detail with tomorrow, where you will then find the next instalment of “What Inspires Me?”