Snippet of poster/T-shirt for “Walk off the Earth”

Currently, I am working upon a poster/t-shirt piece for the band “Walk off the Earth”, originally it was going to be entered in a competition upon the website With assessments looming at the time and the general panic/stressing the that follows such a event in my student calender, I opted to not enter the poster as it wouldn’t of been to the standard and quality I wanted. Mostly due to not being able to dedicate all my time to its creation, thus I am currently sketching away on the designs and layout for what would’ve been entered. The poster and t-shirt design I wanted, was one that would feature about a central character, one of my own creations, that would become the main focal point and representative for the band. Another purpose behind the character is, from looking at other gig poster designers and screen printers  they all leave their own lil stamp on their work and make it more personal through the use of characters, or characters that are of a style that’s recognisable of who created it.

So here it is, the snippet and rough sketch of what’s soon to become digital, of Miss Delilah Moss. Keep watching this space, and see the progression of the poster until the very end piece. Let me know what you think, advice and comments are greatly appreciated.


Wee snippet #1

In the coming days where I have a few seconds spare, I shall be working upon something new for all you guys and girls out there to feast your eyes upon. The final piece will get screen printed and end up on here eventually, until then you’ll have to settle for sneak peeks of what I’m upto in the meanwhile, so here’s snippet #1 of 3 to keep you interested.

If that’s not enough pop over to…  or

for chances to catch updates and general statuses on progress. Until then,  I leave you with this, enjoi!

Monsters with Moustaches “The Blob”




During the month that is November, the charity Movember & Sons is in the spotlight, promoting prostrate cancer and other forms of cancer trusts for men. Mostly through the media of men growing moustaches and becoming MoBro’s for a whole month, it gives opportunity to allow people to raise awareness in a simple way and show their support for the charity. Movember & sons has been running for almost 3 years and each year they seem to go from strength to strength and increasing the help for cancer sufferers out there. The guys and girls at Movember & Sons have often used the suave and nostalgic English gentleman look, a appearance that shouts out barber, moustache and generally man!


I took it upon myself to make my own impression within this month, however I fail at growing anything upon my face and what does grow is pathetic, so  decided upon creating a poster that would be completely out there and nothing like what “Movember & Sons” already have. Having thought of an idea I then got in touch with the charity and proposed what I had in mind and what I wanted to do for them to show my support. With the popularity of monsters in today’s film and media. I felt it would create a unique design that would stand out visibly whilst being in trend.



I focused on hands due to the angle and variety you can achieve. I also the horror movie style because it has an appeal about it that draws you in instantly  taking in all the fine detail, textures and depth, not only is it the detail that caused me to go for such a style, it was the vivid colour schemes and the structuring of the typography. The creators of the horror movie posters use a hierarchy that goes for maximum impact and visual status. This drawing style together with the focus purely in hands produced posters that were unusual and I wanted to showcase work that was not a typical poster design.



Here we have one of the three in the set of posters, “The Blob”, which was chosen on the basis of the colours the character has within films and their posters, the green just leaps out from the page I found, it was a colour that I wasn’t a 100% on due to how it could possibly become overpowering, but it was the opposite, the paper stock absorbs the ink and toned it down. Also I think down to the composition in which the hand is, it demands your focus upon one place and that you take note of the greater detail with all the drips contained within, using various stroke sizes giving a more realistic feel to it.


Pirate_Fly* Print, the beginning



welcomes all!


A post has to be made to commemorate the creation of a new category within the blog that is Pirateflyprint. The new category is going to become the home for which I will be publicizing the work of Pirate_fly* (Me), displaying everything from rough sketches, research and finished pieces along the way. Its a simple opportunity to broaden the  influence of my design and spread it out to allow the many that enjoy all things design and want to look at something a tad different. So I welcome you all to follow my journey and watch as the name that is Pirate_fly* grow in size. Especially with graduation looming, it will be time for this graphic designer to spread his wings and reach for the sky, the heights of screenprinting greatness is all goes to plan and the motivation and imagination stays with me.

Watch this blog and expect to see exciting prospects come along the way, seeing gig posters produced for various bands including “The Portlights”, competition entries for the likes of D&AD/YCN and general drawings covering the spectrum of random characters I dream up, which I must warn beforehand are bordering upon the edge of insanity!

I hope you all enjoy, I won’t let you down and don’t forget, Share the name that is Pirate_fly*. If you have any opinions, views, advice or generally want to talk design then feel free to leave a message which I will ensure you will be much appreciated.