Shepard Fairey speech

Just a quick flash of a post from trawling the interwebs. I came across this video of Fairey, most definitely a must watch for anyone seeking inspiration/influence, or just has a general admiration for the man and what he’s done. So go on, have yourself a gander, I found it to be a great watch, even if you’re not all that into Fairey, unless you’re a pointless hater!


“Poster of the week” Sedation Pill, by Shepard Fairey



 “It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back”

                                                                         ,Public Enemy


As promised last week, I would feature the awesome and truly gifted Shepard Fairey’s print, one his most recent pieces of the new year for “Poster of the week”. So here it is at long last, ready for me to show off the marvel that it is and can proudly say that I officially own a copy of such a prestigious print.



Back in early January Fairey was trickling teasers out and little snippets of the piece to be, leading me and many others to become hooked, awaiting the grand revelation that would become the “Sedation Pill”. Inspired by the Public Enemy album  “It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back”, with the meaning there for you to either frantically decipher or create your own belief and ideology from. As with most Fairey creations, they leave you captivated with the level of detail and sub levels of depth, with you almost wanting there to be a hidden message amongst the designs. Its upto you the audience to believe what you want, with the “All seeing eye” (Illuminati symbolism) making an appearance again, as within many other creations. Its all ploys to draw you in, there is no conspiracy as many like to believe, its pure imagination and almost a device that makes you come back for more. Especially the soviet feel the prints always have, with the strong imagery and use of red, black and white, that’s why this print is special, its of a new breed reflecting a whole new colour palette, but still being recognisable of Fairey.




Stepping on from the message, which is down to you the audience to decipher, with my own personal take being how we the society are fed this “Sedation Pill” and almost expected to stay in line within the human life, pay your taxes, work, have a family, abide by the laws,we are almost fed this pill from birth. Almost hypnotized by what we see from the media, TV and celebrities, it allows an escape from the realities of human life.

I wanted to focus on how the colours build up the image, adding the levels of depth than the human eye can focus in on. With the addition of Gold and other gold variants, Fairey has managed to create a whole new feel from the iconic red giving a new breath of life (which it didn’t need) but just allows us to see how versatile his work can actually be. With it being capable of expanding out from the safeness of the original colours into new realms. One of the reason s why I was so adamant on purchasing this print, with it being such a new wave and a step aside from his usual workings, I was attracted at first sight, showing just how much of an impact that something so flat can have. And its not even a case of being flat 2D, the setting of depth amongst the colours allows the image to rise up and act almost as if its coming out at you.





Unlike the recent “Posters of the week”, this print had no real need of textures, I found as well, relying on the use of shapes to add a visual texture, especially with the ray lines across the woman’s face. Funny enough, through the technique of spray painting, which is a realm that I have little understanding, but would like to eventually, I found that the spray adds the secret texture. Brushing your hand across the surface of something so flat, you can instantly feel the raised levels beneath your finger tips, one of the many loves that comes with Screenprint  you can actually feel the works ink, giving more of a desire than what you’d get from digital printing.

Overall, I have to say that any lover of art, whether its fine art, graphics or illustration, you can all feel a connection within the print. It combines so many elements and so much attraction, that you can’t help but want to stare at the print for hours, feel inspired in yourself and almost look it over and over again just to be sure that there isn’t some fine little detail or message that you may have missed.


Thank you Mr Fairey for your work, and may we continue to bear witness to such influential and inspiring masterpieces in the near future. For all of you that either haven’t heard of the man, or haven’t really seen much of his work then I’d advise you to strongly look him up, and become hooked yourself. Stay tuned as well folks, for next weeks “Poster of the week”, which I can say is a piece from the greatness that is Drew Millward, so stay focused!

Shepard Fairey, “Sedation Pill”


The man known worldwide for his Obama campaign support creating the iconic hope posters. Has just released a whole new print, only revealed in the last day or so “The Sedation Pill”, which having waited in anticipation and having refreshed the page a 100 times, I can now say through all the nail biting and witnessing the site crash I own a Fairey poster. The centre piece for any designer or admirer to hang upon their wall.

The print is a complete marvel to gaze upon, with the new use of golds as main colours straying away from the iconic red, black and white, we have a whole new breed of poster as a result, which I must admit is a beauty. The print set around the “Public enemy” album, features a woman holding the so called sedation pill out in front of her, almost as a focal point for you the viewer to hone upon instantly. With the almost soviet theme running throughout many other Fairey prints, it also remains present here, linking the poster to the collection of prints gone before it. I must also point out how well the OBEY GIANT controls and rules over the shipping of posters, running ebay checks to ensure that so called fans, those people just out for money not appreciation of this art are not selling it on for more money. Giving a full refund to those people having bought a poster and having tried to sell it off and thus keeping the poster, which I find is the right thing, a concept that Mondo should consider when selling off any Olly Moss work which ends up for ridiculous amounts on Ebay later.

I feel ever so lucky to now own this print however and can’t wait for its arrival, with close up photo’s soon to appear on here also when the poster arrives. Until then, I hope those fans out there, manage to snare themselves such a poster as I was able to .

OBEY Giant, Shepard Fairey

“I sympathize with the struggles of humanity. I consistently create art for, and financially support causes fighting injustice. I understand frustration with “the system” and the challenges of life in general, but I never see justification for fighting injustice by perpetuating more injustice.”

Just touching lightly upon the subject of Shepard Fairey and how he produces such impressive standards of work. Revolutionising the way that many in various fields now view design, often using Fairey as a influence and inspiration in all that they produce. So to learn more on his processes and path towards manufacturing, I observed the video to become more knowledgeable in his ways and ethics.

I will be revisiting Fairey and his story at a later date, touching both upon his OBEY Giant franchise and the ever successful Hope campaign, the turning points in a skateboarder come street artist life. Later becoming known as the most influential street artist of his time. 07/10/2012   07/10/2012  07/10/2012