The grand return of “what inspires me?”

Thank you to all loyal viewer’s out there in the big wide world, I am touched to see just how many people are still reading my stuff. So I owe you all a huge apology for being absent for so long and not posting, shamefully! You will be glad to know however, that new and fresh posts/feed will be appearing as of tomorrow, with the poster of the week rekindling, my own work making an appearance and much more inspiration for you to all get your teeth sunk into.


Until tomorrow…

I leave you with this lil preview and incentive for now



Opening Ceremony

“It’s time to reach out from your field and grab what you do so desire” Dr Stuart Cunningham

So once again it has come around to that time of the student calendar for us all to note, learn and take action of our futures. With Dr Stuart Cunningham kick-starting the festival of creative futures with his wrestling themed entrance showcasing what the university has to offer through media, filming and all the technology that is around to enable such acts, as well as carry a light yet funny tone with such an entrance.

The opening ceremony is to clearly welcome us to the chance of getting our careers off the ground and making use of what’s on offer while we still have the resources. With it being my final year many of the guests and information earnt will prove to come hard to find and receive. Having been to the previous year’s opening ceremonies and them all being similar, this one meant much more with graduation looming ever closer, with what I was being told finally sinking in. What struck me most was all the facts and figures circulating, with over 13% of creative media employees having vacancies for creative’s and being told how design is flourishing within the welsh nation, with such a high and desired demand for creative’s. Giving hope to me the humble designer of what it is that I shall do once the end is actually upon me and that I have options.

After taking all stats, figures and references on board I feel like I am finally one step closer to achieving what I want and ready to listen to everything thrown at me this year with the great range of knowledge and advice circulating from the people having been in similar positions as I am. I even have an idea of what talks I want to see as well, with a blend of inspiration, business and advice from the likes of Robert Ball, Dave Gray and Sian Saunders.

Wee snippet #1

In the coming days where I have a few seconds spare, I shall be working upon something new for all you guys and girls out there to feast your eyes upon. The final piece will get screen printed and end up on here eventually, until then you’ll have to settle for sneak peeks of what I’m upto in the meanwhile, so here’s snippet #1 of 3 to keep you interested.

If that’s not enough pop over to…  or

for chances to catch updates and general statuses on progress. Until then,  I leave you with this, enjoi!

Pirate_Fly* Print, the beginning



welcomes all!


A post has to be made to commemorate the creation of a new category within the blog that is Pirateflyprint. The new category is going to become the home for which I will be publicizing the work of Pirate_fly* (Me), displaying everything from rough sketches, research and finished pieces along the way. Its a simple opportunity to broaden the  influence of my design and spread it out to allow the many that enjoy all things design and want to look at something a tad different. So I welcome you all to follow my journey and watch as the name that is Pirate_fly* grow in size. Especially with graduation looming, it will be time for this graphic designer to spread his wings and reach for the sky, the heights of screenprinting greatness is all goes to plan and the motivation and imagination stays with me.

Watch this blog and expect to see exciting prospects come along the way, seeing gig posters produced for various bands including “The Portlights”, competition entries for the likes of D&AD/YCN and general drawings covering the spectrum of random characters I dream up, which I must warn beforehand are bordering upon the edge of insanity!

I hope you all enjoy, I won’t let you down and don’t forget, Share the name that is Pirate_fly*. If you have any opinions, views, advice or generally want to talk design then feel free to leave a message which I will ensure you will be much appreciated.


Day #1, And so it Begins…

Its time to finally dust off the old blog, and begin a new chapter so it seems, and here I am making a start on a new blog, soon to be packed with all that inspires me and becoming a research blog with which I can further my studies. It will be a hub for everything that grabs my attention and makes me strive to create something of equal greatness someday, so keep your eyes peeled over the coming months and bare witness to what really makes me tick and push me in my career as a graphic designer.

Its only fitting to publish a piece that will begin my research quest and here we go,

#alternative #movie #poster "Diamonds are Forever"  #alternative #movie #poster "Quantum of Solace"#alternative #movie #poster "Moon Raker##alternative #movie #poster "Live & Let Die"

Iconic movie posters created for the decades of bond films that have starred on our screens and will remain as classics, with which I will go into greater detail with tomorrow, where you will then find the next instalment of “What Inspires Me?”