Opening Ceremony

“It’s time to reach out from your field and grab what you do so desire” Dr Stuart Cunningham

So once again it has come around to that time of the student calendar for us all to note, learn and take action of our futures. With Dr Stuart Cunningham kick-starting the festival of creative futures with his wrestling themed entrance showcasing what the university has to offer through media, filming and all the technology that is around to enable such acts, as well as carry a light yet funny tone with such an entrance.

The opening ceremony is to clearly welcome us to the chance of getting our careers off the ground and making use of what’s on offer while we still have the resources. With it being my final year many of the guests and information earnt will prove to come hard to find and receive. Having been to the previous year’s opening ceremonies and them all being similar, this one meant much more with graduation looming ever closer, with what I was being told finally sinking in. What struck me most was all the facts and figures circulating, with over 13% of creative media employees having vacancies for creative’s and being told how design is flourishing within the welsh nation, with such a high and desired demand for creative’s. Giving hope to me the humble designer of what it is that I shall do once the end is actually upon me and that I have options.

After taking all stats, figures and references on board I feel like I am finally one step closer to achieving what I want and ready to listen to everything thrown at me this year with the great range of knowledge and advice circulating from the people having been in similar positions as I am. I even have an idea of what talks I want to see as well, with a blend of inspiration, business and advice from the likes of Robert Ball, Dave Gray and Sian Saunders.


First Thursday, Open Exhibition (illustration)


By Karen Vaughan

Regent street the home of all creatives of glyndwr university, opened its doors allowing all to get a first had view of the wonderful and amazing pieces of works that the uni is producing, as well as meet the creative individuals behind each creation. Thus the open exhibition has been brought around as the perfect opportunity for expression and actually getting a chance to see what everyone is creating, which we don’t really ever et the chance to do, with the exhibition being every Thursday that lands within a 5 week bracket, ironically being dubbed the 1st Thursday.


By Russell Mountford

The selection of works that I used as examples of the night consist of that produced by the illustrators, with these here being some of my favourites of the night. The illustrators I find are truly an awesome bunch of people both with what they create and how much of an influence they bring, however I wish that graphics were perhaps more connected with the illustrators as in 2nd year, it seems as though we don’t get to see their work which is a shame, unless you’re friends you don’t know what’s going on within each camp. This being where the exhibition was a great use of time and influence.

By Naz Mcdowell

By Naz Mcdowell

Overall, the illustrators were a success with what was put on show and displayed, I found it to be truly eye opening for me and giving me idea’s of perhaps eventually teaming up. With some collaboration idea’s in mind for a few projects involving gig posters and various other works, which should be a fun venture in the coming months perhaps.

By Rhi Moxon

By Rhi Moxon



By Naomi Ward

Following up on this post will be a feature on the graphics pieces and displays from the night, so keep an eye out and see what awesomeness was produced  by my fellow classmates, with such a great show of variation and imagination.