“Screenadelica”, gig posters




During the weekend I attended the “Screenadelica” gig poster event in Liverpool after keeping an eye out for the event ever since learning about it almost 2 years ago. It was a chance to meet like minded people like myself who share a similar passion in the gig posters and the screenprint industry. On show they had artists ranging from Luke Drozd, Drew Millward, Anonymous Ink plus many more, it was a chance to actually see posters in their full glory where you can truly appreciate the time and effort put into them, where as upon the computer screen alot of this is lost and often ignorance is shown to such a amazing art form.


I myself happened to make a purchase of a stunning print for the band “Dinosaur Jr” by the ever so talented Luke Drozd, showing support for fellow printers that I hope to one day step into their league and appreciate the given support myself. As well as not being to help myself when surrounded by such lovely pieces on display and decided to add to the ever growing collection of mine now numbering over 7 prints.



As a whole the day was both inspirational to me as someone who wants to go into such a field and educational towards the talent/opposition in the industry that I shall have to face sooner or later. But it gave a clear insight into what it is that I’m going to do with my future, and also spurred me into applying for a scholarship in print. Allowing great progression in my work and advancing in the techniques that I already know in screenprint, increasing my talent hopefully as well as works for when I step into the industry full time. More about the scholarship shall be done in greater detail within the next post, highlighting all criteria, demands and as well as what I will actually get out of it.


p.s wish I had now purchased this as well for “The Raconteurs”!



“From student to artist” with Michael Robinson

“Where are you now & where do you want to be?”

Such words that truly got me thinking. What am I actually wanting to achieve as a graphic designer, is it the field of graphic design that I still want with the crossovers into graphic illustration and print, or am I to stray away from the dream that I’ve had since beginning uni. As of right now I can simply say, I am working away, producing the style of graphics that is expected of me and being restricted in what it is that is I want to create. The desire to draw the unusual, and tackle projects with my own style seems to not be acceptable, so I am afraid I am not where I want to be. But can combat that with where I am hoping to be, come graduation later this year.  With the wanting to be screenprinting and producing gig posters, or become part of a studio’s team truly creating the inspirational.

The guest speaker Michael Robinson, in a matter of seconds had the room pondering themselves and exploring into their own creativity with a greater depth. Having gone through the same experience and now passing on what he knows and what he had to go through to get to where he is now. All of which proved to be of great value to us, and most of all myself, taking note of every gram of advice. What stuck with me most and still does is “The fear of beginning is bigger than the actuality of doing”. Changing my view now as a designer, knowing that everyone goes through the same process, but as soon as a task is to come my way I am to scribble anything and everything down that is simply in my head however little it may have towards relevance. It gets me over that beginning hurdle. And will now become a part of my process in future creativity ventures. Once over the whole stigma of being bogged down at the starting grid, consider every location that could become the home to your work, whether its a cafe, library or window of an empty shop, it’s an opportunity for your work to be seen. Taking such risks like Michael did, and asking, gets you places that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to be. He asked for the most hardest to reach wall up three flights of stairs to feature as a home to his artwork, a truly impressive prospective when you think about it. And when finding a studio, managing to hook up and share a studio all off the back of asking, a motto of his that seems to get you far.

Through all of Michael’s endeavours and experiences, the one thing that he couldn’t avoid was doing the drab and the work that you morally never wanted to have to result in doing.  A prospect that we as designers want to stray away from and is a thought of mine that I don’t really want to result in doing, But still know that it could be something that I end up doing, especially if my desires and ambitions either don’t take off or aren’t fulfilled.

What’s new!

Beginning tomorrow, we will be featuring a “of the week” on three different subjects that hopefully will be of use to me and you viewers faithful to my blog or just discovering it. I will be popping up posts on “Gig Posters of the week”, “Inspirational Design Book of the week” and ” Designer of the week”. Each one I will trawl the internet and my various other sources to bring to the forefront of what’s trending and influencing me. A basis of helping myself and helping others with my finds.

So please feel free to leave suggestions on posts of the week, opinions or just watch this space to see great things happening.Until then, may the searchings begin….