“Painting over the cracks” with Professor Paul Haywood

We are very proud of the UK’s media industry, it is a powerful symbol of an open and free society, as well as important part of the economy”, Government policy

Welcomed to “Painting over the cracks” by the ever so enthusiastic and passionate Professor Paul Haywood, you instantly saw how much creativity means to one person after seeing him give his talk and all that he stands for. From the start we are simply told the hard facts, “This week is all about you and furthering yourself” so for once in your lives it’s okay to be self centred, it will never come around again, thus I made great use of what was laid before me. Haywood grew up with a love of art, whether it was painting or design, it’s all that he ever wanted, but after a while he soon came to realise that he wanted to ensure that others shared the same insight and with all his power he has brought about many investments for a more brighter and creative future with change, that will hopefully be a lasting legacy. Isn’t that what we’re all after at the end of the day, we want to be remembered for what we do, I myself would enjoy most of all hearing my name 10years from now being mentioned whether its within graphics or screen print. Seeing Haywood getting involved within numerous schemes that will influence many with what he does, taking the “show metal” and “guns to goods” campaigns, and finally removing guns in a clean up of the streets of Moss side. An area renowned for its gun and gang crime, things like this preserve a society, go down in history and eventually gets put back into the community somehow or other, whether it’s a safer street or a mural created from the recycled metal.

As he taught, we all have a cultural engagement, except we decide to ignore it, with the need to consult all the ethnicities within a community. Ranging from the classes, race or social status, we tend to ignore those that need it most, and they’re the people who normally have the most to offer in return for cooperation. This in turn got me thinking and actually looking upon what my morals as a designer are, a light has almost been shone upon the obvious, highlighting clearly that I don’t make such an engagement that he speaks of. So what I shall take away from this for a brighter future is, to apply what I know and do to my community, put something back into the society whence I came from and pool the resources that they have to offer. I can’t say what medium, action or what I intend to do, but as a designer I shall have to bring everyone together. Thus “Use what’s already there, and put it into something new”.

Still early in the creative week before me, and I am already questioning what it is that I want to stand for and what I can offer in the great scheme of things.






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