“If only I had known” with Sian Saunders

“Good things come in small packages, so don’t be fooled by our size, we do big things!”

Having received the timetable for the week of lectures, “If only I had known” intrigued me from the first sight, setting me off to find out about what it entailed and who the speaker was. The insight of looking ahead paid off, having found it to be a collective of around 6 members branching off into varying fields of designs, ranging from web, illustration and graphics, all of which ran under the name of Daydream Design. The main manager and runner of the group was Sian Saunders, a ever so friendly host, making you instantly feel welcome and in a place that makes you feel like you belong through both the ease of presentation and through the body of work that represents them.

We were told from the start, that people want the world for nothing, so what are we as designers expected to do. Especially with the mission of limited funds, time and ambition towards something that may not necessarily be attractive to you, I went along with the answer to this that Sian gave, how the rejected projects from other studio’s or those jobs that look impossible, make them possible, and accept the challenge. It normally brings out the best work in you and shows other possible clients what you can produce from the jobs that nobody was expecting to turn out as good as it did. Also it was drummed into us, as well as made clear, that its all about doing that one unique element, that extra mile within a project. Take the wonderful creativity behind “The Real Ale Trail, Flintshire” (http://www.realaletrailflintshire.co.uk/) where we caught an actual glimpse of just how far the folks are prepared to go, with such simple design. With a basic pint glass that starts to lessen its load the further down the page you read, its purely clever and just keeps you captivated as an audience, seeing the true meaning of what it is that the website is offering you, making a site on beer much more enjoyable.

We were then presented with pointers that would ensure that we designer are ready for the design industry, with advice first hand from a successful and growing group, that has gone from strength to strength. With each point simply being memorable, short & sweet, as well as that kick that I as a soon to be graduate needs.

Daydream Designs top 5 tips:

-Stand out from the crowd, design with personality,

-We’re hardwired to notice only what’s different,

-It’s all about the customers, we listen. However good you are it means nothing unless you listened in the first place to the requirements,

-Live by design, not by default. So just go that extra mile,

-Perspective, see things differently and stay curious.

With such tips, how can you ever stray or go off the path knowing what it is that studio’s look for and desire in fresh creative’s. Every point made was valid and relevant with the hope of meeting standards; they almost expected and shouldn’t have to be pointed out if you have any ambitions of doing well. My only problem would occur in the “Different” in order to get noticed in the 1st place, with them receiving so many applications and portfolios through their door, it would be a mission alone for them to consider me. Thus this I shall take from today and start work upon how it will be achieved.



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