Manchester Print Fair 2013



Print Fair 2012


Again, that time of the year has come around where Manchester hosts a wonderful print fair, showcasing a broad variety of works from illustration to Screenprint. All of what’s on show is there for you the public to marvel at and even purchase if something happens to catch your eye. The fair is the perfect opportunity almost I find for any budding designer wanting to get a foothold in the design industry and get noticed by like minded people. Usually showing off the great talent that Manchester has to offer and those who need the publicity, it acts as the perfect starting point.


Print Fair 2012

The only difference this year is….that I managed to book a stall, taking the leap at long last to show off my work, become a part of something and hopefully build up contacts for when the daunting day this year when uni is finally over. At first I wasn’t sure if I’d gone crazy by booking the table or not, until the next day when the realisation kicked in of the task that I was undertaking and how much I need to start planning in order to get the most out of the day. Starting with constructing a list of works that will be coming along, how many pieces I have in stock to sell, range of produce and transportation of so much. Its going to be quite the task reprinting, getting things stocked up and finally finishing the logo ready for its first outing as a business card, all to be done for the 13th of April, while still undertaking my uni degree work. Its an achievable task, if structured and well planned out like the military operation its going to be, setting deadlines to meet with certain works in order to keep my head above it all.


Print Fair 2012

Its going to be such a nail biting experience I find, with me myself being a shy and nervous person often hiding away this will need me to finally step up and give me confidence to take with me into the industry, as well as the nervous side of things I’m generally excited and over the moon that my work was good enough in the first place to be given a stall. Anyone thinking of self promotion, professional practice, experience or just wanting a day out to see some awesome and inspirational work, then Manchester Print Fair on the 13th of April is the place to be, I look forward to it and seeing other creatives like myself.

print fair

Print Fair 2012

p.s a follow up post on the fair will be coming as well as posts along the way on how I’m managing all the preparation/organising!


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