“Poster of the Week”, Graham Pilling (Army of Cats)



“Poster of the Week” has to go to Graham Pilling this time,  mostly for his print “That Fucking Tank” appearing at Camden Crawl. The print itself is one that I received earlier last week to much delight, especially after being in great admiration of this guys work since first discovering the awesome realm known as Screenprint and gig posters.



The poster I found, displayed a various selection of textures, varying from the paper stock chosen which was a smooth variant, and allowed the inks to be felt when brushing the hand upon. Attention was obviously paid here, with many papers soaking up the ink or flattening the image, a issue that was not present within the print. The other texture that came into play as that which was applied digitally as a overlay to the illustration, with the rustic texture adding more of a realistic feel and more of a mood to blend in the colours chosen, but also there is the texture of almost a pop art feel, with the use of hundreds of tiny circles in tight formation. This giving a variant of texture flowing throughout and gives a impact to both the owl and the backing raising them up from a flat image to something that is more multi dimensional.



Then simplicity is kept for the type, with a minimal banner that still holds detail within but doesn’t grab the focus away from the main imagery and managing to still inform. Keeping a tidy and plain hierarchy for the time, date and location allowing a flow that is steady and easy on the eyes to memorise all the key data/info





Overall the print is a great piece for any budding screen printer or gig poster enthusiast to own and add to their collection, as for me it was a wonderful addition with it being landscape, a feature not many posters go for, with all others that I on being portrait. It has to be said that Graham Pilling deserves more recognition than he receives, with such great, imaginative and inspirational pieces being produced, I am in shock at how few people have heard of him or paid him any attention. So all folks out there that want some influence or a new creative to feast your eyes upon, check out this guy and spread the word!

Stay tuned and look out for the next “Poster of the Week”, which will feature at long last Shepard Fairey’s “Sedation Pill” print!


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