Snippet of poster/T-shirt for “Walk off the Earth”

Currently, I am working upon a poster/t-shirt piece for the band “Walk off the Earth”, originally it was going to be entered in a competition upon the website With assessments looming at the time and the general panic/stressing the that follows such a event in my student calender, I opted to not enter the poster as it wouldn’t of been to the standard and quality I wanted. Mostly due to not being able to dedicate all my time to its creation, thus I am currently sketching away on the designs and layout for what would’ve been entered. The poster and t-shirt design I wanted, was one that would feature about a central character, one of my own creations, that would become the main focal point and representative for the band. Another purpose behind the character is, from looking at other gig poster designers and screen printers  they all leave their own lil stamp on their work and make it more personal through the use of characters, or characters that are of a style that’s recognisable of who created it.

So here it is, the snippet and rough sketch of what’s soon to become digital, of Miss Delilah Moss. Keep watching this space, and see the progression of the poster until the very end piece. Let me know what you think, advice and comments are greatly appreciated.


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