“Poster of the Week”, The Butcher by Seventh.Ink


And so it begins….

As unveiled a couple of days back now, I intended to broaden my inspiration pool and find further influences, thus creating the posts ‘….of the week’. “Poster of the week” goes to this stunning piece by Seventh Ink, who print t shirts, posters and a variety of merchandise. The print I chose was one of which featured the antagonist “The Butcher” (Daniel Day Lewis) from within the film “Gangs of New York” screened way back in 2002. The poster was produced as a tribute piece in a upcoming show of the film at ‘The Bricks’, Florida. To me the poster has such a presence and general impact,  that matches the character portrayed in the film ever so cleverly. With the fine detail paid to facial features, type and subtlety of the American Flag in the foreground, it seems to me that the more time I spend looking upon the print before me, I noticed even greater finesse within the detail. Take the eye of “Bill” (the Butcher), within it you find the famous American Eagle. Such a small and lesser detail is what amazes and draws me back to prints over and over again, the simple noticing new things.



The poster consists of five colours, two of which are metallic (gold and copper). Screen printed upon a fine French paper, to then be hand numbered & signed. The choice in colours is one that adds depth, as well as capturing emotion of such a deep and intriguing character. The way in which Seventh.ink apply there colours, is one that maximizes the paper colour and stock as well as the strokes within the illustration. Such a flat piece of design is cleverly crafted to rise up from the page and bring one amazing character to life all of a sudden.



Even the typeface choice is reminiscent of the period in which the film is set (1863), within the five points district of New York. A area torn apart by riots, war, politics and mass migration of Irish to the American shores. The typeface gives a feel of the drama and the harshness, that is portrayed through the use of a Serif font, adding a edge to the type that wouldn’t be achieved so well through a San serif. A San serif would’ve ruined the poster and just look completely out of period, so again hats off to the guys and girls at Seventh.Ink for there dedication towards detail and emotion.

Keep a look out for next weeks “Poster of the Week” ladies & gentlemen, as well as “Inspirational Design Book of the week” and ” Designer of the week”, so stay tuned! That’s all.

P.s excuse the roughness of the post at this stage, over the coming weeks they shall improve, I’m new to this whole analysing  and writing about it, so have faith.





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