Screenprint industry

Approaching the time of placements and finding somewhere to seek experience in my field of graphic design come graphic illustration, I’ve come to the conclusion that it needs more than the basic research and asking about. I need people in places that already have their foot in the industry that I do so desire. Thus, through the connections of my uni and it’s variety of lecturers at hand,  I plucked up the courage and enquired whether there is much on offer within my area and outlying counties for me to go and gain experience in the art of print. Having asked, I was soon told how people within the area running anything within the print industry, can not offer me the greatest of opportunities that I seek, its all the same bread & butter, they feed you. With the printing of for sale signs, plain brochures or the general bland objects within society.

The problem I was told, is that nobody really screen prints these days, not with the combination of graphics and the techniques of traditional acrylic based prints. Its all digital printers, or digital screen print  discarding the pushing and pulling of printing by hand, which I have come to realize first hand through contacts and witnessing the industry, its a place that has no real room for anything no digital based. To me it seems as though such a amazing and wonderful skill set is being forgotten, the only evidence of  it still being about in the Uk, is through the likes of Luke Drozd, Army of cats, Drew Millward, mostly guys from the north, alot of them set within the districts of Leeds and the capital, London. Where as screenprinting of gig posters,  the area I want to step into, is huge within the USA. With posters being produced as one off’s for all gigs, no gig goes by without having its own unique poster produced. While the Uk just adopts a boring style for its posters and no true imagination, it’s just columns of info on a page with a photo of the band positioned at the top of the A4 page. This to me is my chance to aim towards a niche that is untapped and not reaching its true potential.

Photo: Hello folks!So, the other day I stumbled across a big box of original ink drawings and sketches. They have been sat cluttering up my workspace for some time, and I feel like it's time to let them go off, into the world. I've ordered tubes, and at some point in the next week I will be stuffing those tubes with original drawings, sketches, prints, stickers... anything that is around. Each tube will contain at least 2 prints, and at least 1 original drawing. They will be going up for sale on my site, at some point soon. If you get your hands on one, it will be like an early Christmas.

I don’t want to end up in some print studio where all they do is print the plain, I want to illustrate and bring characters alive upon paper to represent varying bands and gigs. Its the exciting graphics  I want to do, like the role models and icons I look upto for inspiration. Its time to pull strings, use my contacts and dedication to step up into the role I want, this will be carried out and give me what I want. This year most of all shall hopefully see me get the experience and fingers crossed get myself a position within the Print Fair in Manchester.


2 thoughts on “Screenprint industry

    • Thank you ever so much for your luck, it’s greatly appreciated and needed:) I hope to follow my heart and not disappoint, which shall hopefully be evident in the coming months with new work of mine being featured upon my blog, so stay tuned.

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