Shepard Fairey, “Sedation Pill”


The man known worldwide for his Obama campaign support creating the iconic hope posters. Has just released a whole new print, only revealed in the last day or so “The Sedation Pill”, which having waited in anticipation and having refreshed the page a 100 times, I can now say through all the nail biting and witnessing the site crash I own a Fairey poster. The centre piece for any designer or admirer to hang upon their wall.

The print is a complete marvel to gaze upon, with the new use of golds as main colours straying away from the iconic red, black and white, we have a whole new breed of poster as a result, which I must admit is a beauty. The print set around the “Public enemy” album, features a woman holding the so called sedation pill out in front of her, almost as a focal point for you the viewer to hone upon instantly. With the almost soviet theme running throughout many other Fairey prints, it also remains present here, linking the poster to the collection of prints gone before it. I must also point out how well the OBEY GIANT controls and rules over the shipping of posters, running ebay checks to ensure that so called fans, those people just out for money not appreciation of this art are not selling it on for more money. Giving a full refund to those people having bought a poster and having tried to sell it off and thus keeping the poster, which I find is the right thing, a concept that Mondo should consider when selling off any Olly Moss work which ends up for ridiculous amounts on Ebay later.

I feel ever so lucky to now own this print however and can’t wait for its arrival, with close up photo’s soon to appear on here also when the poster arrives. Until then, I hope those fans out there, manage to snare themselves such a poster as I was able to .


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