New “Lord Of the Rings” poster, by Olly Moss

I had the pleasure of working with Warner Bros and Mondo on some new Lord of the Rings posters to celebrate their latest trip to Middle Earth

Many fans whether its a fan of Olly Moss, Lord of the Rings or general posters, should bare witness to the recent creation that’s sprung forth from the collaboration between Warner Bro’s and Olly Moss producing such a beautifully mastered vision of the epic that is Tolkiens “Fellowship”.  Having been published by Olly earlier this week, the posters have soon been snapped up from both enthusiasts and fellow fans, if only I had the money to spare and had moved quicker, I’d have purchased one of these prints myself. They’re a true representation of the epic and grand scale that surrounds Lord of the Rings, visually capturing “Narsil” Isildur’s famed sword, Barad-Dûr, Gollum and the Fellowship in one captivating piece that draws you in upon the detail and finesse that’s gone into such a creation. Myself a Fan, having grown up with Lotr since a early age and watching “The Hobbit” only two days ago, and discovering Olly since undertaking my degree in Graphic Design, I am generally disgusted in the way that such forms of design is treated and not appreciated.

Such a statement is down to people on ebay, the place that see’s such stunning pieces of illustration and imagination on sale for such shocking amounts, a $50 poster, to me and you in the uk £30 being charged at £200 plus on these posters. A poster that’s been out only a week, snapped up by those who are not really fans or those fans just out for money charging the earth to those who will buy these due to the appreciation and respect for such masterpieces. It’s wrong because those who want to buy the poster can’t with it being already sold out by those out to make money, then selling it on ebay minutes later. It ruins the world of print for me and many others, with fellow fans also pointing out such disrespect of posters as well as me.

Moving away from such negativity. I have to say, after seeing this poster I sit with my pen and paper truly inspired and with the want to create, create something that someday I can look back upon and be proud of. A feeling that Olly must feel pretty much everyday, with the general love he gets for his work from both the design industry and fandoms. Combining the love of both our favourite films and design in one place, most definitely worth a view or perhaps a purchase if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one that isn’t a ridiculous amount of money.

Look extra careful and you’ll be sure to spot within the greater detail of a lurking Gollum watching over the unsuspecting “Fellowship” at the beginning of their quest.


For those wanting something a little different and perhaps willing to spend a little extra then there is the variant edition in orange, however my favourite has to be the green edition which would look perfect within my soon to be collection.



One Ring to Rule them All 15/12/2012 15/12/2012 15/12/2012!/ollymoss/media/slideshow? 15/12/2012


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