Drew Millward & Awesome Merchandise

While searching for general inspiration for a new sketch and character development, I came across this video by Awesome Merchandise on Drew Millward painting a gigantic mural to feature in AW’s  office space. Before today’s searches I was greatly aware of the screenprinting legend that Drew is, having discovered the man almost 3 years ago. Since then I own a actual piece of his works on “Liam Frost” and finally managed to meet, well catch sight of Drew while at the Mondo “So far” exhibition in Leeds, as well as seeing Olly Moss (which is for another post).

The work created by Drew is one of such standards and style that I’ve witnessed nowhere else, its such imagination and sheer creativity that allows the man to stand out. Nothing really compares to the charm and attraction his work features, it hooked me from first sight and I’m still getting excited when I catch glimpses of new works and idea’s. What does it for me, is the use of characters. These characters for each individual poster or illustration are the hear and soul of Drew’s work and the reason for why it’s so successful, on top of it just generally being so out of this world and different to all other graphic illustration and illustration out there at the moment. I myself to graphic design, and am greatly drawn towards this field of design more than the usual graphics that I should be attracted too. Graphics at times seems to be focused around the digital screen, the humble pen and paper side has taken a side lining of recent. It’s through the likes of Drew Millward, Luke Drozd, Tara Mcpherson and many more that influence me in wanting to become that little bit different, someday taking the mantle of “Pirate_Fly Prints” with my own unique set of characters, it may be a dream yes, but it’s one worth having if you ask me.

Stay tuned for the next instalment, where I will be focusing upon what goes on behind the scenes in my desired industry and touching upon the art that is “Horror”! dum dum duuuum

https://twitter.com/DrewMillward 04/11/2012

http://www.direct.vannenwatches.com/news/march-2010 04/11/2012


_poster_expo_feature.shtml  04/11/2012


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