DC Lego & Arkham Asylum/City

Everyone as a child has played with Lego, and if you’r a unfortunate that hasn’t then I’m sorry to say my friend, you’re greatly missing out on something of amazing proportions. Since the days of building vast empires of houses, little cars, that never did look anything like a car and having countless Lego figures, the friendly little yellow guys have gone over to the game platforms, especially DC of late. Seeing the likes of all your iconic favourites reconstructed into your childhood toy, coming to life for you to continue playing with. A way to still enjoy playing with Lego, even at the age of 20, smashing anything you come in contact with, constructing tools, cars and various items and seeing the world from a set of Lego eyes.

With the release of DC’s “Batman Lego 2, DC superheroes”, we see the success of the first Batman Lego brought to the screens again but this time containing the greater spectrum of DC. Getting the chance to play as Superman, Flash, Batman, Robin and Wonder woman, each with their own persona, comedy abilities and inch by inch liking of the comic characters appearance.  “It’s an excellent showcase for how far the Lego game engine has come – from the screen-tearing and problematic camera of the first Lego Star Wars to this glittering, detailed cityscape, with a random weather cycle and a nice line in dramatic sunsets.” Each time a Lego game is produced by Tt, it does justice to the world that it brings to life, improving upon the games that go by, with the latest instalment being Batman Lego 2, DC superheroes” far above the Lego games gone by. With the city of Gotham having life, where all the fans and non fans can roam, playing through multiple levels, spending hours in a game that’s truly gigantic, most definitely getting your moneys worth here with it not being over in 5 mins like a few games that I won’t go onto mention.

Its not only the Lego route that DC has had success through, just look at the beautiful concept art for the Arkham asylum and city games produced, characters shown in a new darker, grittier way than ever before. Seeing the seedy and psychopathic world of Gotham first hand, finally getting a better understanding of characters that we’ve never really took note of or known their history. Which the series has brought about to a standard that leaves you wanting to step into the world of DC. I myself wanted to, sitting wanting the game to never end and marvelling the time and attention to detail paid towards the city and canny characters. Experiencing the psychotic Joker, Monstrous Killer Croc and seductive Poison Ivy as well as many other iconic and forgotten characters as Batman. Kept on edge and never knowing what to expect, I’d have to say that anyone not a fan of DC or Batman, need to play this game and they will soon change their minds.

DC may only stand out in the film industry with Christopher Nolans Batman and the possibility of great things with the Man of Steel next year, but regarding games, Marvel doesn’t have anything anywhere near what DC has. With Marvel often falling short of the mark with games produced, allowing DC to reign and capture the games market through imagination and sheer greatness with what they put before us. If only people would play these games as they do but go onto the comics of DC afterwards, and realise what Detective Comics is capable of and producing but being missed out on.

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