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“The Batman can’t die. He feeds on evil like yours.”

Founded in 1934 by Malcolm Wheeler Nicholson as National Allied Publications, later to become known as the great “Detective Comics”, or abbreviated to DC, a name any fan of comics or films will recognise instantly  But it wasn’t always such a household name, a name that we could relate to for such amazing illustration, storytelling and in my own views, villains. Villains being something close to my heart regarding character persona, rational and history, I will be touching upon these later in the post. However, being a fan of comics across both Marvel and DC, I’ve had the question which are you? obviously are you Marvel or DC? which I have to admit, I am both. Both comic worlds have their differences, and reasons for liking. DC for me, is some what more believable with the likes of the Batman and Watchmen franchise. Yes there are characters within the two that have powers, but its a small proportion compared to that of Marvel. When reading either Batman or Watchmen, which I do oftenly  I  feel that the characters are real and actually have some substance about them. They’re not all created from some toxic leak, radiation or alien race, the characters are human, we can connect and relate to these characters. We are human, we see the world almost like these characters, DC made their characters like us, so we can see ourselves in the position of many of the characters, many of the characters whom are based around real life people, people who could honestly be seen in our own society.

Take Watchmen, a franchise that was regarded untouchable until it was created into a film in 2009 directed by Zack Snyder, a comic finally given life that was seen as a wrong move and many fans frowning upon DC as a result. But aside from all those against it, the film was such a success in how clearly it gave flesh to such iconic characters, character who demanded much attention to meet standards of the comic world heights. Since then “The Watchmen” was quiet, whether it was being left at the one film to preserve its greatness or building upto something new, many fans, myself one of them were shocked by what was to follow this year. With DC announcing the writing of a new comic series, a series split into separate comics for the individual characters of the watchmen, I have to say this was the last thing that was expected.  The series though has been taken to be a favourite amongst any reader of comics, and those who haven’t bothered to read or consider them, then I’d recommend you start reading them now. I have to mention how hard it is to have a definitive favourite in the collection, but for me it has to be Ozymandias and Rorschach’s story, which are so full of grit, darkness and touching upon the world of the 1940’s – 60’s, a period where America needed a hero, a hero’s appeared. The city folk rising up to fight for just causes and the shining light upon dark times that America lacked. This summer not only saw the appearance of “The Watchmen” series, we DC fans witnessed the rebirth of DC as we know it, it was a time where DC rose up after allowing Marvel to sit at the top of the comic world for so long. With the revelation of “The new 52”, a  new beginning for DC, seeing many characters that we’ve never seen before, paid much attention to, or just getting to see the characters we know in a whole new light.

Having started the new 52 with Detective comics #1, Talon #1 and recently adding Amethyst to the reading list, I can say I have been amazed by the new plots, characters and artwork featured within the comics, DC have out done themselves this time. Completely shocking fans with such a burst of fresh life in the comics scene. A scene that many have always seen as dying in DC, DC have always been the underdog, the ones who struggled while Marvel did so well and had the spot light. DC never had films on their side or characters, DC was always about Superman, Wonder woman, Flash and Batman, while Marvel had countless characters to draw upon. Many times the detective comics saw the end of its comic days, nobody would’ve expected the turn around in the last couple of years, especially this year. DC has films and comics to rival Marvel for real now, with the appearance of Green Lantern, Jonah Hex and The Batman trilogy films, films that are of more substance than what they were. And with the emergence of Superman next year as a reboot and possible appearance of The Justice League, it see’s DC going from strength to strength.

Coming back to Villains, DC has a host of baddies that stand out due to being icons. Seeing the likes of The Joker, Penguin, Sinestro, Darksied  the list can go on, but the villains that stand out to me most and set DC villains at a level higher than most are those of the Batman franchise. These feature psychopaths, murderers, sociopaths and criminal masterminds of various degrees that are again, believable and realistic than most of the bad guys out there, we can have murderers and psychopaths in our own society. People who we fear and avoid at all costs due to what they stand for , anyone of use can become a villain thus giving DC that edge.

One thing I will say is that DC has a long way to go before it surpasses Marvel, to do so DC needs to broaden out its Titles, Marvel has Xmen, Spiderman, Avengers,  Fantastic Four. All of which are huge franchises , each successful in their own right generating money and larger fan bases than DC who have been stuck around Batman until recently. But i have faith and always believe in the underdog, no point jumping ship like some fans or standing for one comic and one comic only, be diverse.

Until next time, make mine a Marvel and a Dc.





2 thoughts on “DC – Detective Comics

  1. My favorite Detective Comics story ever is “And Red All Over” (Detective Comics # 796, September 2004). It is a perfect combination of story and action, it pleasantly focuses on Bruce’s ethic and way of thinking, it has a very enjoyable atmosphere and, the icing on the cake, the cover is drawn by Tim Sale.

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