“Mondo So Far”


Come the 16th of November, I shall be attending the “Mondo So Far” charity exhibition seeing over half of ticket funds going to Barnardo’s , a worthy cause for anyone purchasing tickets in advance. The exhibition is set in Leeds, for me about 2 hours drive away, but worth every mile travelled to get there next Friday  getting the chance to see my own design icons Olly Moss and Drew Millward. While at the event I will be a witness to graphic design, illustration, pop art and as Mondo says “simply beautiful images”. Its a opportunity for me to browse at what’s relevant, innovative and pushing boundaries in the design sector, a sector that I myself will be stepping into in just under a years time.

While heading up to Leeds I will get the chance to gather business cards, contacts to get in touch with once leaving uni and get a first class view of a field in design that truly strikes out to me, a area that I hope to go into in the near future. I don’t see myself as the designer that designs the usual graphic design,  I look to go for screen printing and illustration, produce the unusual and  create a set of characters who represent me in al work that I am to produce. Not only am I going to Leeds for the sheer opportunity it offers, its a event aimed towards me, where I live there are either little or none, events or exhibitions, and those that are around are not for me. Getting to see Olly and Drew however, will be such a influence and open my eyes, showing me my future that I hope to step into. The work they produce is cutting edge, the unusual that I seek and unique to who these guys are, putting adding their own personality to what they produce.  The creations are just so imaginative, as shows the evidence of how many people aspire to be like these guys, almost looking upto them as idols. I myself am one of these people, and can’t wait to attend “Mondo So Far”, upon going I will leave a follow up blog post to this intro, filling in what I found out, contacts made and what I came away with from such a event. As well as hopefully winning a golden ticket, giving me the chance to win a movie poster of my choice designed by Olly Moss and a signed copy of his wonderful book ‘Silhouettes from Popular Culture hard covers’, fingers crossed on the night! Bring on Leeds, let it fire my work to a new level, inspire me in my design and meet some truly amazing people.



http://drewmillward.com/2012/welcome 09/11/2012

http://mondosofar.eventbrite.com/ 09/11/2012

https://twitter.com/Pirate_Fly 09/11/2012

http://ollymoss.com/ 09/11/2012

https://twitter.com/DrewMillward 09/11/2012

http://www.mondotees.com/ 09/11/2012


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