“A year in Full Colour” moleskin planners


Having recently found this on the usual inspiration hunt, that happens to browse through the likes of Pinterest, Colossal, Behance and Balla Dora typo, I came across the “Moleskin Planners” and stop motion by Rogier Wieland a designer from the Netherlands. Sitting and watching the video, I was unsure of what to expect. What was to unfold (literally) before my eyes, was awe inspiring and truly magical design, with questions of how can such a thing be created and envisioned popping to the fore front of my instantaneously. Watching the planners flow around the screen had me drawn in and hooked on what could possibly happen next al the time, with scenes popping up and creations on the pages of the planners coming to life. Everything just wants to jump from the screen and into your own imagination, if this doesn’t make you smile then nothing will, being a inspiration for myself even though I’m not really a animation or motion graphics person.

So having such effects on me, the person who doesn’t usually look at such things, this should encourage others to see what I mean and step out of their comfort zones and look at something different to what were’re all used to. So get and check out Rogier Wieland and something unusual, it truly opens your eyes and helps you see things differently, there are so many avenues in design, all of which need exploring.

http://www.thisiscolossal.com/page/2/ 09/11/2012




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