Chen Zhengda


Chen Zhengda the founder of the China international poster Biennial  “the Biennial has been a bridge that connects Chinese graphic design and the world” (  and the “Superdesign Consultant”, “Shi Fang Culture Communication”. Chen I focused on and wanted to draw attention to quite simply for the reasons of how he’s adapted to survive as a designer, he has spread his roots out over Europe with his culture communications and various clients. Instead of doing what most designers do and play it safe staying put in the environment they know, this man has had the vision of spreading Chinese influence and inspiration out to the west, instead of waiting for the west to come to him. It clearly shows how brave the east is becoming by freely stepping out and challenging the west and showing us what they can do ever since the “Opening up policy” allowing the east to break away from the secrecy and tightness that had governed over the nation for centuries. Chen’s work himself reflects how he has merged in with the environment and influences surrounding him, take his “Love is Hope for Wenchuan 2008.5.12 earthquake” and  “The 80th anniversary of Design Art of China Academy of Art 2008” pieces. They incorporate a bit of Chen’s culture with a piece of western layout and structure, creating what I find to be of great imagination and appeal to a mass audience and society.

Such young creative’s deserve to be known for what they’re done and what they individually bring to the scene that’s different to what we create. So the same goes for Chen, why does the west not know of a designer as such who commands great importance in the easts 3rd generation, surely we should gain inspirations and influence from such a man. As a graphic designer he deserves to be heard just as much as we hear of the likes of Drew Millward and Tara Mcpherson worldwide, it is only right that he should be equally heard and then we can learn from his way of design and perhaps create a new form of design combining the eastern and western influences together without all the tension and secrecy that’s always surrounding matters between the two civilizations, separating them from becoming united and producing great things with the combined minds we could have at our disposal.


China’s Design Revolution, by Lorraine Justice (foreword by Xin Xiangyang)

ISBN 978-0-262-01742-8         29/09/2012 29/09/2012  29/09/2012  29/09/2012


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