Olly Moss

Olly Moss is the leading light in a new age of design in the United Kingdom, setting a spark off in the world of graphics as we know it. With his vivid and in depth illustrations produced into gig and film posters, featuring such fandoms like star wars, pokemon and video game art for the likes of resistance. Just a glimpse at such a list of clients and companies Olly is associated with is sure to create admiration and appeal to such a youthful character in western design.

I find that in the age we’re in today, a lot of young designers look upto this man almost as an con and someone that they want to be like, who wouldn’t when this man has achieved so much at such an age and what is produced is so playful, cutting edge and simple. Take the recent silhouette work he’s been creating, such simple creations using the outline of either a iconic figure or cartoon. Silhouettes in my 2nd year of graphic design were something huge that I loved experimenting with and it’s almost as if now they’ve become even bigger due to a designer thats caught everyone’s eye. I can understand why, what he visions and creates are ideas that connect to people or will have a place in people some how, whether the work he’s done is a spin off of a certain fandom or of a iconic era. What I find is, Olly is a level headed person that doesn’t over complicate things like many designers try to, he just goes for appeal and targeting a audience is not a problem, his work is versatile towards pretty much everyone. I bare Olly as an influence and inspiration in my own work, and would highly recommend looking him and his work up, or purchase his books if you’re looking for a good read/inspiration in one place. Definitely worth the time and money.

I myself will be constantly looking out for what Olly produces next and so should other designers, he’s a example of design genius that Britain can produce, in a time where the east is rising and going to be flooding the industry with new influence, possibly pushing back western inspirations and creativity.

Check out the books:

Silhouettes from popular culture, by Olly Moss & Mayday: The art of Shepherd Fairey by Shepherd Fairey


http://ollymoss.com/ 28/09/2012

http://www.moss.fm/ 28/09/2012

http://www.mondotees.com/ 28/09/2012


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