Staffordshire University Exhibition 2012

During the period known as exhibition time,  a whole lot of worries, stress and excitement go into work, as final years go for their last push and showcase of their ideas and visions before their time is up at university, having to face the real world. While the exhibitions are building upto the show, you start to notice change about students and within uni, the sort of change where perfection is the main focal point, everyone strives to make their individual work stand out above the rest and actually catch the eye of some viewer who may just show an interest. I find in such times, you really do see which students can handle the pressure, a key aspect for potential employers and clients, and if you can’t handle the pressure for your exhibition you’re in a spot of bother, but I witnessed at the Staffordshire university exhibition an air of professionalism, one that spoke of the students having everything ship shape, there wasn’t a thing out of place, the presentation of all these works was clean, tidy and done to a standard that showed care in what each individual has produced.

Having browsed through so many young innovators work and really appreciated the display put on, I went away with idea’s of my own and considering just what projects I will be doing in my most important year and whether I can produce work to such a standard as what I saw on the night. Which has to be admitted, was pretty remarkable but with ambition I can produce similar, as long as I handle the pressures as mentioned. I was unfortunate however to gather any names for the works, which I feel I should’ve just to pass on their work and to keep an eye out in the future, after all, being a designer you need to constantly be on guard and watching your back against the talent/opposition, we’re all out for the jobs and to get noticed at the end of the day.

What caught my eye most were the great examples of typography on show, especially the Bauhaus pieces, they stuck in my mind the most with them having drawn me straight in and hooking me. I found them to be vibrant, full of life and reaching out from the 2D coming to life,  just the way the layouts capture your passing attention and when amongst other pieces competing all factors need to be a 100%, this was just one piece that on the night that truly appealed to me instantly. A prospect to consider for my third year is more typography, as its an interest but an interest that could do with developing and produce something to a quality like this. Its not all about typography as graphic designers are often stereotyped into, we are meant to be people who can think cleverly and one our feet whatever task is thrown at us, take the above duct tape piece, the branding for that is all out marvellous and complete genius. To start off with such a dull product and turn it into something that makes you appreciate it on sight is pretty magical, I really enjoyed the use of mobsters/gangsters to portray the iconic places that we can all make reference to and imagine from seeing films etc. The example I show is that of a man with a taped mouth, others showed people gagged with rope and various products. All of which are put into a context that sells the product, its not the item its the branding that shouts out. So hats off to the creative behind this, I’d have loved to have seen the thought process and development behind it.

It’s not the last exhibition I’m going to most definitely after seeing such a performance here, it makes me even more encouraged to go for it. The night was a true joy and would highly recommend to those who have never attended a exhibition are missing out and need to attend one. Not just for the work but also for the general atmosphere created.  Many Thanks to Staffordshire University, the students and bring on next years exhibition, I look forward to being an inspiration come influence myself. 24/09/2012


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