Tara Mcpherson

“Named the crown princess of poster art by ELLE Magazine”

The rebel designer come rogue artist has made a name off not sticking to the expected guidelines and being how many other designers of today are. We get shown something and are meant to follow in the path of whoever, stray from the path and the work or ideas are not liked as much, but shouldn’t stepping from the norm show how you have a greater depth ready to take chances and the risk not play it safe all the time. The point of which, Tara has become the designer she is off the back of pushing her style and not being afraid of what’s created, how people respond and that you run with your creation, stand by it however much criticism it may receive.

Having done work for the likes of DC comics, Futurama, Pepsi and many other clients, Tara shows just how versatile and widespread her work reaches, its not all about one target audience and produce the same type of work that fits into one category. Yes she is a illustrator and  dubbed “crown princess of poster art”, but that doesn’t mean all your options are to be centered around one thing, one thing that she teaches is to broaden out, look at the success she had from just applying her love of design to society. The iconic part of what she does is how she has a grasp of personality and character in people, giving the characters in her design have a life to them and bring them out of the page. The characters I find almost reflect somebody or someone in Tara’s life, whether it is passing them by or myth/folklore, they are representative of what a person see’s through their eyes. These illustrations are the visions and how Tara imagines things in her head, people are if you haven’t already noticed are the focal and central theme around all pieces.

If I am to take one thing from my brief viewing of Tara, is that  if I have a dream, I am to pursue it. Not worry how society and other fellow designers will look upon me, my work is who I am at the end of the day as well as these writings however much of a ramble they can be. They’re my thoughts and way of expression. People should share a similar outlook, and accept individuality otherwise we all become boring and almost a controlled system like that of “Brave new World” not the free industry that we’re thought to be. Also I just hope that, by sticking with what I do with my drawings and early Gig Posters, that someday these practices and experiments will pay off just as they obviously did for Tara, we can all see her decisions and experimentation running in her work. We should all have a role model or icons, I will admit that Mcpherson is one of mine, that I hope to enjoy the presence of and show my own work to in the future.

http://www.taramcpherson.com/ 24/09/2012

http://www.thecottoncandymachine.com/artist/tara-mcpherson/ 24/09/2012

http://www.kidrobot.com/TaraMcPherson.html 24/09/2012

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