Offset Festival

“Offset Festival has become a must for all creatives as it not only showcases the best in the creative industries, it is an event that aims to encourage and inspire future trailblazers”.

Peter O’Dwyer, Bren Byrne and Richard Seabrooke, the brainchild’s  behind OFFSET festival are raring to go ready for a new year of Design, especially with the approach of 2013’s opening. With which is expected to be just as action packed and designer fuelled than ever before, attracting more and more designers and folk to the hotbed for creativity in Ireland, Dublin! OFFSET is a festival in which Ireland has never seen the scales of before, more due to the fact of its rapid succession and growth, having come from nowhere literally, it’s developed in the last two years alone to be the place where all designers large or small strive to show their faces, whether its running a workshop, giving talks or just simply attending like you or me.

OFFSET is the opportunity like the Manchester print fair, to make contacts and get in touch with what’s big in the design world, as well as what’s actually relevant, so that I can keep myself in check and upto date, allowing myself not to stray too far from the design path. Having the visions and ideas that now and again represent me, not what’s expected or the norm. Take,  Shepherd Fairey, a gigantic and influential figure within the last couple of years in the design world, becoming a leading light for others to look upto. Like the OBEY series, that took many by surprise and rocked the industry, showing how times are changing and so are the designers, no longer should we be strict and stick to guidelines/boundaries. The same goes for Olly Moss, often mistaken for Olly Murs, big difference I’m afraid and one most definitely has talent. Moss gave various talks, Q&A’s all for budding designers and those looking for inspiration, like me not sure what to do next and where to go with our designs. he proved to push so many people, reaching them on their own level, one that folk will remember. Moss himself is a leader of British talent, a person who I myself look upto and would love to someday be in a position like he is and producing work to a similar standard,/high quality.

You can’t help but admire the designers who turn up in Dublin for three days of creativity in one space, it makes you want to be part of it. Which I’m aiming for come 2013, I hope to be part of such an event and say yes I’ve seen the greats, and finally get my design career moving. Not only an event to gain inspiration and influence, it gives me the chance to promote my image and hand out my business cards, spreading the name of Pirate_fly, a name that someday will be up there in the industry, events as such as OFFSET and The Manchester Print Fair are only the starting blocks  for a brighter future. 24/09/2012 24/09/2012



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