The Manchester Print Fair


I recently discovered this fair involving one of my biggest loves in the design world, screenprinting! The fair is centred around a mixture of print, photography and illustration, bringing a mass variety of peoples of either the industry or just having an interest in one of the fields. The fair is to express everyone’s love and allow you to get to meet others with the same ambitions and appreciations, a perfect place for a budding and beginning designer, not only giving you the chance to purchase products, chat or even try your hand at various workshops including screenprinting. As advertised, there is the opportunity to do some printing of your own and if you’re the fortunate winner of the competition they’re running there is the reward of printing the winning peice to then hand out etc for people to have as keepsake, again spreading your name as a small time designer where other designers may take note or remember you.

The Fair I see as a opportunity to express myself and get a better view on the industry first hand that I want to approach in my future, as well as seek advice and tips off those there. Again improving myself and pushing me further along the path of print that I’m aiming towards. Not only this, I had the idea that ties in with my third year graphics degree. When I return in just over a week, I’m going to be faced with the challenge of creating my own briefs, one of which is to brand myself creating a logo, business card etc. So if I did that brief as soon as I return then I have from the 1st of October up until the 27th of October, well over 3 weeks to knock out a card with my logo/insignia. This plays into my court having a project ticked off, but the genius is that the business cards would be given out at this fair, I can take business cards off the stalls and various designers, in return I can give them mine. The people taking the cards may not pay much attention but its contacts that I’m making and getting my name out there, and you never know I may get a call or request from someone at the fair. The cards would also be screen printed to add to the theme of the fair and promote what it is that I want to go into, displaying my ambition and future desires. Also how many business cards out there are printed by hand, they’re all mass produced and the same, I want to stand out.

Having found such a fair was by chance and will play into my favour, a definite must see in October that I’m looking forward to on the basis of what it will bring to my future/life as well as it just being something what I enjoy in general so worthwhile and worth the money/time. 23/09/2012 23/09/2012


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