Jody Xiong

 “Each green footprint added to the canvas like leaves growing on a bare tree, which made people feel that by walking they could create a greener environment”.

Jody Xiong of China, is a leader of the Design industry out east and shouldn’t be taken lightly with what she brings to the design scene in the form of innovation and pure idea generating. Take her recent work for a greener future in the cities heavily polluted out east for the Chinese environmental protection foundation.

The idea was to place a canvas across a road in central Shanghai, which soon spread to 100’s of more roads across the breadth of 15 other cities once the vision took off and showed its true potential and message to the citizens of China. Having placed the canvas across the road, it showed the skeletal figure of a tree lacking leaves, which was where Xiong’s imagination came into play with her envisioning  people being the focal point and key element of something that will show the benefits of walking everywhere, especially in congested city centres, where cars become impractical and create a smog with which the country folk live. The people were to be walking along and just pass over a sponged mat area that was soaked in green paint, allowing the green to be transferred wherever the shoe step went, creating a leafy display for the tree and finally bringing it to life for everyone to observe. Its not the design thats important, its the message of “Walk More, Drive Less”, exactly what China needs to hear, with over 500million vehicles on the road and rapidly growing, showing no signs of stopping, so it was down to clever advertising and a designer who could think of a practical solution, the reason for why The China Environmental Protection Foundation teamed up with Xiong.

The final canvas sheets were later put up around the various cities that they were formed in to create a attractive and appealing piece of design that would impact on those that pass it each day, it would be sure to slowly have its effect on the locals. Especially if the see that they created this tree, its more encouraging, you get to actually see that you’re having some positive effect on the environment, unlike all the many campaigns and laws that encourage you to do this and that, but at the end of the day you see no results. So Xiong I find has created a generation that will adopt the green way of life, taking it upon themselves to do what they can to see the rewards afterwards, what she did I think should be followed and made a example of, in order to get people in the green mind set and show them what they can do as a whole.

The trees created a individuality and feeling of personality for each city, with it possessing the local communities footprints. It in my eyes has brought a sense of pride to each city with the society striving afterwards to bond together and see what they can do for their environment by themselves. 22/09/2012  22/09/2012 22/09/2012 22/09/2012 22/09/2012


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