Jody Xiong & The China Environmental Protection Foundation

“Ma Jun, the director of the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, an environmental group in Beijing, said that local officials had become more interested in the environment in the last year after large street demonstrations against polluting factories in cities like Dalian, Shifang and Qidong. In each case, local officials agreed to halt construction of the projects or close them after becoming the targets of local and national ridicule”.

To get a real feel of the size and scale of what Jody Xiong undertook, I found this video showing what actually went into creating such a vivid piece of graphic design, created by the public to aim back at the public and the government of China. It imposes a question to the Chinese leaders to take note of just how green the country can become and cut the car usage in half, being both political and a form of propaganda to suggest change. A change which the country needs with it consuming so much fuel and car production growing, the country can’t withstand such high volumes of pollution that is sure to become widespread throughout the continent, China needs a form of stability, something to strengthen there own foundations which is centered around there transport network/routes spanning from the far corners of the east.

The Video was such an eye opener due to how it shows and expresses that nothing is too ambitious to try out in design and if you have the foresight, then push the design and put all your energy into making it possible, as Jody Xiong did, with her enthusiasm and imagination.


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