Behance has been the centre for most of the research and idea generating along the journey that I under took, having been founded by  Scott Belskey and Matias Corea its become the hub for a wide variety of fields in the design industry. A place where we can all gather and post our work into categories, portfolio’s or to just showcase, its pretty much a site that acts as a shop window for you allowing you to sell yourself to the mass audiences that pass through the Behance site.

Whenever I myself were faced with a new task or brief at hand, then I’d firstly consult Behance and trawl through the vast amount of resources, where you’re always bound to find something that either catches your eye or is catered exactly to what you were looking for.  Not only this but having found pages or a certain designer, you can then go onto keeping track of designers and artists whom you have a likening for, following their career and path of design, getting fresh design pretty much all the time depending on how many people you end up following. You yourself though can set up a portfolio and update a flow of work that people vie versa can witness constantly and get your work out there for free, simple advertising, especially if you’re a fellow student like me. Since Behance though, I discovered “Pinterest” which I have slowly traded Behance in for, but still keep upto date with the site with is more professional approach than pinterests free reign and breathable approach. To any designer or anyone who has a general interest in the creative industry then I’d always suggest the “Behance Network” as a stating point, especially when hit by a mental block. 11/09/2012


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