Ben Silbermann and Evan Sharp, for those of you who haven’t heard of or are unfamiliar with, then I must suggest you look them up. These guys are the brains behind ‘Pinterest’ a site created solely around you, getting to set up mood boards or something that represents a digital version of the common cork board. The aim is to create boards and title them however seems fit for you, having used it myself, i’ve created boards such as Graphic Design, General Inspiration, Posters and Comics, places where  I can store what stands out to me and appeals in some way. So getting back to Pinterest, once you have these boards set up and named (limitless on how many boards you can have) you can then set off searching for whatever it is that you want to gather or what it is that you have a particular interest in, searching through the search bar, following people or just by using the ‘Pin It’ button, all of which will slowly add to your library of images that will be building up in the meanwhile.

The pro’s to me, are how well you can organize and gather at the same time, leaving nothing to be lost as it usually does from endless researching through numerous internet pages, Pinterest does it all for you and allows you to come back the next day and know exactly where whatever it was the attracted you is. Or even if you have a idea in mind, search for it and know doubt you’re sure to find something eventually, if not find it on other sites, pin it and look, you’ve started something new on Pinterest. I had problems finding gig posters to start with through the search as soon as I started pinning them and putting found images onto boards, Pinterest then had a supply of gig poster related articles popping up in the search bar that weren’t there earlier.

The site has helped me countless times when I have reached a creative block and continue to use it in all aspects of research and as a base to kick-start my ideas, and have advised it to many fellow designers like myself on how well catered it is for who you are.  10/09/2012


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