Graham Pilling and the Screenprinting process

I wanted to look into more detail at how the industry that one day I want to step into copes with demand and the level of work that goes into each Screenprint, if you haven’t already worked out what it is that makes me tick. This video I came across whilst trawling the internet for my own inspiration and something to get me to kickstart my future, well I happened to be looking through Graham Pillings blog, which I am a frequent viewer of and found this. It was perfect, showing the complete process from start to finish and not leaving out anything, simply showing me how once I have my artwork ready and set up on a silkscreen then its time to begin. I haven’t worked at this level obviously, but have used a similar press to the ‘Kippax’ made one that is featured in the video. The use of the arm is difficult to master to begin with but as with most things, after you’ve had a few goes at it, you soon pick it up and it makes life so much more easier, as well as effiecient as I have bared witness to. Graham managed to knock out 50 prints in a day, having to let each layer of ink dry individually and there being four of these, I can imagine how long it would take, doing my own duo tones takes long enough, its the push and pull arm that makes it more industrialized and meets the demands, instead of the humble old blade.

What I love most about seeing such a process, is how I envision myself in it, and also know that a process like this creates minor variations and imperfections that a printer wouldn’t, each print would be unique. A reason why I find myself pulled towards an art form that isn’t as popular as it should be in this digital era, with alot of people I know going down the digital root of websites and motion graphics, Screenprint I see as a way to be different and make viewers of your portfolios whether its a client or fellow go and look twice, it would be a surprise to all else that they would be expecting in portfolio’s in today’s age.  5/09/2012


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