China and ‘the third generation’

In China’s bid to become a contender for everything worldwide, and to truly push themselves up out beyond the knowledge of the western civilizations, they have firstly had to adopt our ways over the years and allow themselves to be influence by us to create a greater means and understanding for a flourishing country. As said by Yao Yingjia the vice president of a large computer brand (Lenovo), “Design is a Bridge”, simply the bridge is the next step and the door for China to reach its true potential that its been held back from for decades, from regime after regime and dictatorships holding back design. Design was first seen as a troublesome subject, a topic that was often banned due to its propaganda links and past history of poverty and  great lows in time. But after shaking off such ties and rising, design has played such a key role in a future and growth.

Take China’s plan of not trying to conquer design with this generation, but with the next, they are entrusting their  image as  a country on the young. Like myself, I am the new generation ready to hopefully bring something new to the design scene, but do we really have a chance against a country that is heavily pushing and throwing everything at a vision, while our own country makes continuous cuts and changes in the design sector, with jobs becoming harder and harder to find, a lot of young design in this country is looking to go abroad with it, not reinvest themselves. We are meant to flourish, and I for one will not abandon the cause, but must be aware of talent from the east that will soon be influencing us in the west and making us want to follow in their steps as they have done with us. China has the vision and the dream to hear “Designed in China” for everything and will be, not straight away though as many seem to think, but in the years to come, cracking the design industry doesn’t take months and money, it needs development and roots to establish itself, design is but a new concept, with the country now being able to distinguish the differences between art and design, with the country being stuck in a age of art. With design being divided out amongst the outlying cities of China such as Shanghai, Yunnan and Beijing, there is so much influence, culture and traditions to draw upon and merge into the western world of design.

ISBN 978-0-262-01742-8 China’s Design Revolution, Lorraine Justice, foreword by Xin Xiangyang  5/09/2012  5/09/2012


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