The start of a new era, and my future

This blog will follow things that interest me, point me in a direction for my future and help me in decisions involving my own work. Over the time I will build up my blog to contain finds including typography, screenprinting, logo’s, branding and any other sectors in design that intrigue, draw me in and make me think more towards what it is that I actually want in my own design, making sure I don’t go losing track of what I want and can come to reflect on my choices and interests, watching as they change over the course of the next year, my final university year as a student. Which the blog will bare witness to how I’ve evolved over a period and will tell a story of the direction I’m heading down. At the moment I have the ambition of illustrating my own gig posters for various bands, creating masterpieces like the such that Drew Millward, Jason Munn, Graham Pilling and Tara Mcpherson, a select few designers of whom I look upto as icons and role models for my own ambitions. Over the next few posts I will be focusing on various designers that reflect me and make up what I want to become, as well as looking at processes and work that I do myself, so I can compare, criticize myself and learn a vaster knowledge for my future career.




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