Day #3 – Totally London

Featuring a “Totally London”  piece, designed to promote London recently, it focuses on using type to create a image, no need for imagery made up of various layers and depths, or just taking too much attention from type as a lot of images tend to do. The type is the soul focus creating general centre point to work from and take everything in from, leaving out the possibility of missing any vital information. The tennis ball idea depicts the Thames and surrounding suburbs, so straight away without too much type you know where the event is and overall shape tells you what the event is, its purely simple,a characteristic I need to practice and apply to my own work, not over complicating as I tend to do from time to time. Also colours can play a key role, just take the “Strawberry fields festival” poster, they lend to create a image combined with the type and not need a vector or block of a image that can be repetitive and look like most other pieces, so such a combination has a perfect harmony and balance, that has been well thought out in advance. With it sitting upon the page with complete power, working alongside the white space, giving more of a flow and a air of freedom about it on the page, bringing out from being just another flat image.

I then turned my attention towards the simple colours of Soviet propaganda posters and how the styles get spread into pieces to create a soviet feel, all of which is down to colour selection and again type, with the image becoming a tertiary priority in the pecking order of importance.



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